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Happy New Year!

Thanks for allowing us to serve you in 2020 and we plan to go higher in 2021!  

Happy Birthday Shateka!

I took off for the month of December so I apologize for being MIA but I’m back and ready to support you all!  December is my birthday month. 12/27 is my birthday but please do not send me a cash app.  Please do me a HUGE favor though.  Please go and rate our company as much as you personally can. Simply go to the reviews section on this email and give us a review if we have helped you in any way.  This email has the links but Google and FB is where the primary focus is.  If you need assistance, please text us at 843-830-1509.

2021 Money growth opportunity

If you are someone who’s into compounding your money daily in the market, like myself, I’ve discovered a new non-trade, non-insurance product that allows you to do just that if you can hold it for 160 days.  It pays out a guarantee 2.2% daily interest.  My investing partners put me on and I’m putting you on.  I can’t believe this is real. I’ve seen the proof and have already started investing into it.  This has been an incredible way to make residual income from money you can afford to let sit for 160 days.

I’m traveling this week and back on next week but hosting an information session tomorrow morning and then next week so register here to learn more.  I will not do one offs because I do not have that kind of time.  You can register to attend or register to attend. 🙂 I’ll add more registration days so be sure to follow me on Evenbrite.

To respect everyone’s time, I’m adding the explainer video to my link collection next week so be sure to check it out periodically.  It can change daily and hourly with updates of all our offerings.  The link collection can always be found at

Please share this information with others who could benefit from a financial increase in 2021.  You always grow where you sow and/or share.

Winning In Wealth Show

This week we added another cohost to the winning in Wealth Show and her name is Bunmi Moore.  I’m excited to have her join us in bringing you value around how to level up in your credit.  If you are someone who could help the community at large in finances and you would like to get your message out to the public, please call me today 843-830-1509 ext. 800.  I’m looking for one more cohost for 2021.  Many are listening live online beyond the Baltimore community.

Husser Financial Solutions launch and alignment

The reason we do what we do is because we desire to see more people retire before they expire.  There’s a story behind it.

Our vision is to help more than 5000 families within the next 1-2 years. Our mission is to become the super center of the financial services industry as a one stop shop.

We have served you under the DBA name of our sister company, SHE Inspires Life, where most of the free comes from. It is not a nonpofit so reviews help us gain the clients to be able to support our give back efforts.  Again, SHE Inspires Life is now operating as Husser Financial Solutions LLC.  If you desire to help us with more than a review as it pertains to our give back efforts you can donate to or cash app $ShatekaHusser.  We provide tax receipts as well. Every bit helps us provide financial literacy to primarily African American communities.

Email opening

We’ll work on not requesting reviews from those of you reading this email as we can see every person who opens an email.  If these emails do not serve you, please unsubscribe because we are charged based on the number of contacts and we are growing fast! If you do not open an email within a month, you will most likely be removed.  Our emails are usually time sensitive so you circling back a month later wouldn’t be in your best interest anyway.  Additionally, we are seeing some of you with 2 and 3 emails.  Please pick only one email, your best email, so we can deliver the content.  We do monthly to quarterly email scrubs to delete duplicate people with multiple emails.

FREE items

I started giving away a free item on my birthday a couple years ago when I gave away my first book, Reckless Abandonment.  It’s actually on Audible if you’re interested in hearing it.  This year I was thinking about it for some time and I’m convinced most people do not value anything free, no matter how much value is packed into it.  Like they say, people pay attention when they pay.  With that being said, I decided to do a $47 webinar discussing an entire strategy around how to build wealth and retire early.  I know this would just be a teaser so I decided to add a course as well for $497 beta level and $997 retail level.  They both will launch this year and you’ll be the first to hear the details.  The 9-hour generational wealth summit we held last year will be one of the free bonuses for those who purchase the course.  So I still figured out how to give it away for free for those who are looking for value but need to pay to pay attention.  I literally heard a high-level professional say that.  I guess everyone’s cut from a different cloth.  I have received a lot of free and costly ($1500/month mastermind) value to be surrounded by and receive great wisdom and strategy.

Our 2021 Mastermind

With that being said, I’m reopening my Mastermind on 4/1/21.  If you reply back to this as an interested party, you will receive early bird access and a special beta rate as a founding member.  This mastermind kicks off on 1/11/21 and replays are sent out for those who cannot attend.  Simply send an email to [email protected] if you’re interested.

2021 Locations we serve

Our office is now operating out of NJ while serving globally.  We are between the Philly, DMV, Charleston, and Atlanta areas serving individuals in Life Insurance investing, early retirement planning preparation, ecommerce online store start up, trading, and real estate.  Your reviews indirectly enable us to provide free value on the radio, email, and 15-min consultations.

Experience my first clubhouse dialogue of the year and first ever

Mark your calendar, I’m hosting an information session and open dialogue, on Clubhouse, to discuss how to leverage your insurance in funding all of your large purchases to include buying a car, home, wedding, children college, etc.  It will be Friday, 1/15/21 at 7:30pm EST.  I’ll also discuss a guaranteed $3 for every $1 you invest, when you’re a 6-figure earner, so you receive lifetime tax-free income.  Tax-free becomes more and more important in retirement.  So if you’re not on Clubhouse, it is where all the large collaborations are happening.  People who do not have the scarcity mentality love sharing on this app because they only compete with themselves. If you do not have Clubhouse Access, and are interested in a replay, simply email [email protected] before 1/11.  It will be recorded per interest level.

If you are into credit repairing this year, you can get free FICO scores and credit reporting each week through April.  Listen to the details by clicking here and hear the replay of our last radio show. December’s WIW show replays will be emailed at once in the next email to you.


Connect with us on social

Please also partner with us on social media @HusserFinancialSolutions on LinkedIn, IG, FB, and soon Twitter.  We’ll grow on social but ideally IG, our favorite place to hang out.


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