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Corporate HR Leaders

Are you seeking a coach to facilitate your corporate team’s next developmental workshop?

Are you seeking a coach to help you design or create for you a program to address your staff’s developmental opportunities?

Are you a leader seeking a coach to assist you with strategy on how to develop your staff members?

Career and Small Business Owners

Are you an individual frustrated with the results you’re seeing in your career or business?

Are you a career professional seeking transition to a role of greater responsibility?

Are you a career professional doing well but know there’s more inside of you and you’re seeking a program to facilitate your greater positioning?

Are you transitioning from military to corporate or corporate to entrepreneurship?

Why Partner with Shateka?

We should work together if you’re someone who…

seeks partnership with someone who has the demonstrated high-level leadership experience and financial success in either military or corporate careers; leading over 400 personnel, 12+ salaried managers, and an annual profit and loss statement in excess of $91 million dollars

is seeking not only an experienced qualified coach but a certified professional coach for yourself or your team

is looking for a corporate coach for your team’s specific area of focus (ie. workshop or program developed)

is an individual performing but need greater clarity, confidence, strategy, accountability, and measurable results

understands the importance of taking action, investing in themselves or their business development/advancement

is seeking to align their career with their life’s greater purpose

wants to further develop and expand their level of influence and income


There are several advantages for using an executive coach to invest in yourself or your company and a few of them are as follows:

Accelerates the release of hidden potential within you or your company
Produces exceptional effectiveness for improved results
Builds self-confidence while experiencing transformation
Maximizes capacity, allowing growth and development beyond you or your business’ capacity
Produces sustained growth you’ll be able to duplicatein not only yourself but your team
Increases productivitywith less input and greater output per your daily regiment
Brings clarity and focusto your life’s daily routine or business operation


My services include the following:

1 on 1 coaching

1 hr. session available
Session Bundles available for 12 or more consultations (hourly rate discounted)
Face-to-face, video, or phone meeting

Please schedule my complimentary session

Mastermind Group only

Attend our 12-week Mastermind video conference (new enrollment period each quarter) 8pm EST Mondays. replays made available.
Receive quality responses TO YOUR QUESTIONS from around the group via a non-Facebook environment
Receive additional training, from Shateka, to answer your questions during the weekly conference call 8pm EST Wednesdays. Replays made available.

Please schedule my complimentary session

Signature Program

12-week Course (curriculum outline provided during complimentary session)
Access to Mastermind
12 weeks of Group Coaching
Receive daily text inspiration
Four 45 minute 1-on-1 sessions

Please schedule my complimentary session

VIP Work & Retreat Day

8 hour session where I work with you to build out your plan, with 0 interruptions
Optional arrangement of End the day 2-hr A-la-carte pampering add-ons (facial and massage)

Please schedule my complimentary session


What People are Saying

As a result of the services I provide, both men and women are inspired to move from ambiguity to making more clear and concise decisions. They zoom past the place they would normally stop, staying in action more effectively, to get more done and achieve greater results. Ultimately, they’re inspired to putting forth the proper effort, clearing up the chaos, and soaring toward the goals and dreams they hold deep in their heart.”

Shateka Husser

coaching testimonails
Dormonque Fields
Dormonque Fields
Thank you for all you have helped me with… I really appreciate you, and the time you took to make sure my goals would be able to be Met. Thank you for always answering when I reached out, Thank you for answering all my questions, and always keeping updated! Again I Really appreciate all you have done.
Lula Wilson
Lula Wilson
I was very pleased with the service I received from Shateka. She went above and beyond to ensure that I had the information I needed to clarify what would best service me financially. I will describe Shateka Husser Financial service as professional and proficient.
c v
c v
Shateka takes time to answer your questions and provides the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.
Tammi Lambert
Tammi Lambert
As a single woman wanting to know what retirement would look like for me, I reached out to Ms Husser and this journey as been pleasant and non judgmental. As a young woman, I thought that my pension and disability would be enough to sustain my quality however I was wrong. She set up a meeting with me and reviewed all my documents and calculated what my income would be at retirement. I was so scared, as the economy is moving somewhat aggressively I would not be able to sustain “my quality of life” as I desire. We had several REAL conversations about how I save and how much I save. Together, we worked out a plan that will work for me now and give me the quality of life I desire after retirement. She is absolutely amazing! I encourage you to contact her if you don’t know what retirement will look like for you!
Rebia Taylor
Rebia Taylor
Many thanks to Miss Shateka for the extensive knowledge that she is so willing to share with the public. When I told her that I was ready to look into other options for life insurance, she walked me through the process without a hitch. Much thanks to her!
Jordyn Taylor
Jordyn Taylor
Working with Shateka has been such a delightful, smooth experience. Not only is she extremely professional but she is super knowledgeable about finance, always giving thorough advice and answering every question in detail. She has been so helpful during our process of setting up my life insurance policy, I have learned a lot just within these few months of working with her. Quick to respond, quick to take care of tasks to get things moving, passionate about what she does. She's awesome!! 🙂
Stafford Staples
Stafford Staples
Shateka went above and beyond in assisting me to getting a better life insurance policy. She’s honest and professional you’re in good hands with Shateka.
Monique Bell
Monique Bell
I had a consultation with Shateka a few months back and it was an awesome experience. She was very personable and shared valuable information and resources to assist me in planning my retirement. I great appreciate your wealth of knowledge and eager to help spirit. Many many thanks.
Peewee Shine
Peewee Shine
I went to website set up my date she called on time she was attentive and and ledgable as if you known her for years very smooth interaction and experience
captain shateka husser
shateka husser 1

MEET shateka husser, MBA, CPC

From Army Officer to Corporate Executive to Serial Entrepreneur

Shateka Husser is a retirement consultant and life insurance broker.  Decorated with many accomplishments, Shateka’s life mission is to make an impact where thousands more will live beyond their career and well into their calling. She coined the phrase “Retire Before You Expire”.  

Understanding the greatest hindrances to this mission, after being an executive coach, Shateka now offers retirement consulting to help individuals position their money for infinite tax-free passive income.

Her many accomplishments include receiving her MBA from Keller Graduate School of Devry, undergrad Bachelor of Science in management, Meritorious Service Medal as a combat veteran, and international best-selling author (#1 in 6 categories). 

Her fast track as an Army Officer and high-level corporate leader with over 20 years of logistics and retail experience armed her with the confidence to now dominate in the financial services industry where she has retired to help others build wealth, achieve financial security, and peace of mind nationwide.

She also serves on the board for Veterans Housing Solutions, Keep It Moving (transitioning female ex-offenders), and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. Besides connecting people with financial resources, Shateka enjoys traveling, exploring water-view restaurants, group cycling, beaching, and social media.


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