Annuities are also an insurance providing individuals with retirement income. Often used as a long-term investment, specifically designed to fund retirement accounts where traditional life insurance doesn’t work because of medical challenges or financial growth positioning. 

There are two categories of annuities: deferred annuity and immediate annuity.  A deferred annuity pays the beneficiary a regular income or lump sum payment at a future date.  An immediate annuity, allows you to make one lump-sum contribution.  Then it’s converted into monthly payments of equal value until death or a specific date chosen. 

Annuities are attractive because they provide substantial tax benefits and in some cases (older age) growth and guarantees, including death benefits or guaranteed lifetime withdrawals.  The indexed annuity is most favorable in that it doesn’t allow for any losses, an added benefit. 

Shateka Husser Financial Services is an expert in annuity products and has been helping many clients navigate the savvy and strategic process. We partner with some of the top insurance carriers to provide you with the best annuity possible by first assessing your financial needs, then recommending appropriate products, which may include fixed or indexed annuities.  We do not offer variable annuities per the risks associated with them.

We believe in educating our clients and making a difference, not just selling products and services. So if you’re looking for annuities, contact us today!