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Her Story. Her Why. Her Mission

Shateka Husser has been on an impact journey since leaving corporate in December, 2016. Becoming a multi-dimensional investor (real estate, stocks and later FOREX/crypto trader) she started out coaching at Shateka Husser Enterprises (S.H.E.) Inspires when she noticed most people could not afford coaching services. It reminded her of the financial restrictions she experienced in childhood. She knew she wanted to help them win as she felt she had done in the many high level roles she served in as Army Officer and corporate exec.

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She then flirted with a shortlived Winning In Wealth digital tv show but had to end it due to some ethical dilemmas discovered.

Integrity is everything to her.

Since then, Shateka developed an overnight passion and hosted her first free event in less than 90 days in 2019. She endeavored to help people win in wealth so she hosted the first Generational Wealth Symposium with 475 registrants and about 225 attendees.

So she continued the conversations on the radio, the Winning In Wealth show.

She then quickly revitalized the previous digital tv show, using radio, and maintained the show (with cohosts) on two stations from 2020-2021.

They aired on Baltimore’s Radio One and WOLB stations.

She realized an even greater passion when heartfelt gratitude from the audience told her this was a huge need that she couldn’t allow to be the only endeavor.

It inspired her to get licensed as a Life Insurance broker to help them build wealth. While studying she learned so much that she wanted to teach more and more.

Then she hosted the second annual event, virtually, in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

Since then, her focus to build Husser Financial Solutions encouraged her to start a community discussing the same, The Winning In Wealth club, which is a free organization of over 3.3k members.

Shateka is now scaling her business with agents around the nation with a passion to help everyone retire as her two close friends did not have the opportunity to.

That is why she’s now known for her infamous slogan, “Retire Before You Expire”.

So if that’s your desire she feels she’s the one you hire. Her goal is to get your bank account on fire with a whole lot of infinite, tax-free passive income.

Shateka’s life’s mission is to help all retire so they can move from career to calling or simply rest.

"Set a Goal so BIG that You Can't Achieve it Until You Grow Into the Person Who Can"

~ Author Unknown

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