Charleston Native Returns to Host Free Wealth-Building Symposium for Residents


A group of successful business leaders has partnered with SHE Inspires to share wealth-building strategies with North Charleston residents. CHARLESTON, SC (February 6, 2023) – Registration is now open for a free wealth-building symposium.

The Wealth-Building Symposium, set for Saturday, March 25, 2023, is hosted in honour of Women’s History Month and is a partnership between SHE Inspires and a group of business leaders, from as far as Ghana, who are passionate about sharing their wealth-building strategies in the community.

The impressive speaker line-up includes The Cash Flow Diva, Janet Tonkins, Serial Entrepreneur, TV Personality, and Radio Host, Kimberly Salley, Broker Associate, and Enrolled Agent, Leona Zanders- Drayton, Owner of Chatman Group, Shakeima Chatman, Marketing Agency Owner, Emma McKenney, Entrepreneur and Content Creator, Shaniequa Washington, Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant- Nataki Kambon.

Attendees can expect to glean a wealth of information to start their wealth journey through topics such as:

• Legacy positioning

• Wealth through business ownership

• Money Mindset and the manifestation

• Wealth through real estate investing

• The Steps to financial freedom

• Maintaining wealth through tax planning and more.

• Retirement planning

SHE (Shateka Husser Enterprise) Inspires provides a conglomeration of services nationwide to ensure all soar higher spiritually, financially, and professionally. These services are rendered via symposiums, workshops, masterclasses, group masterminds, and organizational demand.

Serial Entrepreneur, Retirement Consultant, and Founder of SHE Inspires, Shateka Husser, is excited about the symposium. When asked about the motivation for hosting the event, combat veteran Husser explained: “North Charleston High School’s building slogan stuck with me growing up, “Education is a possession of which man cannot be robbed” so what better way to empower our community than to give them the strategies to build wealth and a financially secure future.”

Although the Wealth Building Symposium is in honour of Women’s History Month, all genders are welcome to attend the event. Seating for the event is limited; therefore, those who are interested are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. Sponsorship opportunities and vendor spots are also available for businesses that want to expand their reach and brand awareness. For registration and further information about the event and speakers, visit

Media contact: Shateka Husser

Email: [email protected]

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