This month serves as an important reminder


This month serves as an important reminder for everyone to consider the MANY benefits life insurance can provide while you’re living.

It’s called life insurance (not death insurance) because many use it to enhance their lifestyle of financial freedom.

Building without life insurance as your financial cornerstone is like building a home on quicksand. There’s no leverage.


1. Income for your loved ones when you die

2. Compounding cash value growth without market losses

3. Tax-free growth

4. Living benefits (access to use your death benefit if diagnosed with a chronic, critical, or terminal illness)

5. Protection from lawsuits (only vehicle to do this)

6. Full control of your reserves

7. Become your own bank 🏦 and use the cash TWICE at the same time

8. Forever income in Retirement (replacing social security)

9. 30-50% less fees than other asset classes

10. Stays with you until age 120

11. Pay off all your debt using the cash value (averaged between 7-9 years regardless of the amount

Got life insurance?

Get your life insurance quote completed TODAY.

Why Shateka Husser Financial Services (SHFS)? We are a broker getting you the most benefits for the least cost with our masterful policy design and access to over 30 A-rated carriers.

Whether it’s your

1. Million dollar baby

2. Elderly parent long-term care policy

3. Tax-free Retirement income forever

4. Real estate 🏡 and other business funding

    WE GOT YOU!!! Check out the happy clients’ section of our website at

    Still researching? Text “Life Insurance” to 678-736-6496 to receive your life insurance guide. For a complimentary policy review, comment or direct message “Policy Review” and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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