Shateka Husser Unveils New Book, ‘Reckless Abandonment’


Many people feel there’s something missing in their lives despite their career success, supportive friends and family, and luxurious lifestyle. They feel incomplete and secretly unhappy. Understanding what that emptiness may be is a great start. The newly released book ‘Reckless Abandonment: Becoming Free for God’s Purpose’, written by Shateka Husser is full of realizations, helping people understand that void and how removing bondages allows them to discover the real meaning of their lives.

Reckless Abandonment discusses how to divorce bondages and marry purpose so there’s greater freedom for surrendering to God’s will. The book gives account to 7 specific bondages requiring an intentional abortion in order to give birth to the purpose God divinely assigns for a more fruitful and abundant life. It speaks directly to the visionary who struggles with self-leadership and longs for self-deliverance and gives examples, including the author’s own account, for overcoming these barriers. This book provides real solutions for both mental and emotional self-sabotaging behaviors.

Reckless Abandonment is written to empower Christians of all genders and races. Regardless of denomination, this book is full of realistic insights that strengthen their faith in God and challenges them to be obedient to God’s higher purpose.

Reckless Abandonment is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. Signed copies are also available via

Miss Husser, who calls herself the Soar Strategist, is no stranger to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and its adverse reactions since her combat tour in Iraq and Hungary, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Joint Guard. She uses the spiritual revelations, discussed in this book, to be victorious in life, business, and relationships as it relates to mental, emotional and behavioral well-being.

Amazon’s debut rankings: #1 Christian Counseling & Recovery, #1 Pastoral Counseling, #2 Clergy, #2 Christian Women Living, #5 in the United Kingdom

What people are saying:

“This book inspired me to walk in purpose. It answered questions I felt that I was the only person experiencing. I like the scripture base teaching and following along with my bible. I enjoy reading how people overcome their obstacles in life. Shateka Husser is a great inspiring author.” Amazon Customer
“This book is anointed to heal, deliver, and set people like me free from the pain & all associated with abandonment and rejection.” Amazon Customer

Credentials: Combat Veteran | Entrepreneur | Author | Consultant | Coach | Speaker

Shateka Husser, MBA is a combat veteran and previous Army Captain who’s combined corporate career has afforded her 20 years as a high-level leader in the fields of Logistics and Retail. Certified Professional Coach Shateka is the author of the #1 international best-selling book, Reckless Abandonment. Her education includes a Master of Business Administration, BS in Management, and certification as a professional coach. Shateka has also appeared on Kahi radio out of Sacramento, CA and Radio One out of Charleston, SC.

Availability: Worldwide by arrangement, telephone, Skype, and Google Hangouts

Contact: Shateka Husser, 575-SHATEKA (575-742-8352)
[email protected]
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