What is a Life Strategist?

An individual who’s commonly referred to as coach but has the appropriate credentials and a more comprehensive background to include training, education, and largely diverse experiences. This individual uses faith based principles and proven methodologies to help individuals desiring to make a quantum leap in life.

What inspired you to become a Life Strategist?

Although I’ve been consistently coaching friends, and colleagues for years, I never looked at it as a separate entity. I just felt that’s what friends do, or believers do, or leaders do. I never knew that’s what I’ve been called to do. I didn’t realize the impact I was having on people’s lives. What I did know was that it lit a fire in me every time I did it. I was simply one who loved to exhort others and see them win!

Fast forward over 20 years, I’ve now started my own coaching and consulting business of which I’ve named SHE Inspires. SHE Inspires is the abbreviated version of Shateka Husser Enterprises Inspires.


What type of mentorship do you offer?

I offer life strategy coaching in business, career and transition for individuals and groups.

For individuals seeking promotion within a company, the difference between me and an HR professional is they work primarily in the best interest of the company but I work for you. I motivate and inspire you to show up differently and prepare for role(s) of greater responsibility or transition into new roles. I conduct laser coaching to ask deep diving questions to help you realize your gaps and actions necessary in preparation for your next move.

For individuals transitioning from the military, those transitioning to another company within corporate and even those transitioning roles within the same company, I help you strategize so it’s a seemless transition. I also assist individuals looking to relocate to another state and individuals separated from prison.

For organizations seeking group therapy (team building/synergizing) or diversity training, I provide those as well.

What’s the difference between consulting and coaching since you provide both?

Coaching encourages the individual to own and come up with a plan of action through my intense laser questioning. I don’t give them the recipe for success, I help them think of it and they’re left feeling challenged with a greater sense of pride because they’ll actually come up with an extraordinary, creative solution to move forward and gain momentum in what it is they’re seeking to accomplish.

Consulting is simply providing solutions and/or recommendations to help facilitate the process so individuals seeming to be stuck are given quite a few options and alternatives. They walk away with options they’re seeking to overcome their challenges and/or accomplish their goal(s) and dream(s).

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What are some of the common questions or issues you come across?

I’ve heard some consistent and very common complaints over the years that go something like this:
“I don’t have a mentor and I don’t know how to choose one.”
“I’m not sure what I’m called to do”
“There’s got to be more to life than this?”
“I feel stuck.”
“I don’t know how to get to the next level in my career.”
“I’m frustrated about life and need a change.”

So what role does a life strategist play in all this?

Ever felt life could have more meaning besides working, schooling, churching, partying, and working more? That void can cause you to feel unfulfilled or undervalued. It’s deeper than an achievement, temporary accolade, or emotion. It’s a life long calling.

These day to day requirements, demands, routines, and in some cases, empty activities prevent you from moving forward and realizing your own dreams or aspirations. Building others’ dreams or playing in the background of their success is great for a season. I call it the season of preparation but why not move forward in building your own legacy, establishing your own freedom, making your own impact, and maximizing your own income. Why not become all you were created and designed to be, at your maximum capacity and all with a greater sense of fulfillment?

That’s where I come in at. In essence, I help people leverage themselves. Well I help inspire others to live life by design and not by default, to believe in themselves and to take a leap of faith regardless of their fears. I accomplish this through coaching and consulting strategy sessions, customizing programs packed with resources, and providing online training tools to ensure success.

So what are your final words to the person seeking more in terms of growth?

It’s time you invest in yourself in ways you’ve not considered or moved in before.
If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions or are simply seeking professional development or business restructuring, I can help. If not me, I can refer you to several other men and women in my SHINE circle. I just want to see you winning. To schedule your complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me, simply click here. You can expect me to provide you a great source of insight, strategy, and wisdom. You can also expect me to actively listen with the ability to provide direct and honest feedback