"Soaring higher with you"

Are you frustrated with the results you're seeing in your life?
Are you seeking the ideal change for a new and more fulfilling life?
Are you ready to live life by design instead of default?

Welcome to the site!   My name is Shateka.  I'm passionate about seeing others soar higher in life. 

As a result of the services I provide, both men and women are inspired to move from ambiguity to make more clear and concise decisions.  They zoom past the place they would normally stop, staying in action more effectively, to get more done and achieve greater results.  Ultimately, they're inspired to putting forth the proper effort, clearing up the chaos, and soaring toward the goals and dreams they hold deep in their heart.

I also help corporate leaders, at all levels of management, who are experiencing work/life imbalance, limiting beliefs, or self-sabotaging behaviors in high-stress environments.  I successfully help them work through or completely reposition away from these environments, which is often instinctively in their minds.

To get started with me, go to the "Schedule A Consultation" page of this website to schedule a complimentary strategy session with me or choose a package on the bottom of the "Coaching Packages" page of this website if you're already decided.

To Your Success!




Shateka is undoubtedly an inspirational speaker committed to telling her story with passion in order to move audiences to soar higher in life and business.



Shateka is CEO and founder of Husser Properties LLC. She also trains investors on how to properly invest in Real Estate so they build retirement wealth earlier than later.



SHE Inspires provides philanthropic support to ABC communities in support of at-risk youth and transitional programs providing a second chance to ex-offenders.


"Having Shateka as my coach has been nothing but a blessing! She's dedicated, passionate, and determined to see positive results for her clients. She takes her coaching experience serious and definitely wants to see you win. Working with Shateka, her character has been nothing but kind and gentle. However, she has pushed me and shown me that I must take the initiative if I want to see results. I also experienced a person who is a genuine and compassionate spirit; I believe this is rare to find today. If you are truly looking for a coach who has excellent experience in her craft and sincerely cares about you succeeding, I would definitely recommend Shateka Husser."

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